***NOTICE**, If you pay by Paypal, the download program will issue an e-mail which contains your download instructions and link in a matters of seconds. If you are using , AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail, then SOMETIMES, these servers will delete the incoming mail before you even see it. The download mail has an .exe file which they think because of the .exe file MIGHT contain a virus so they delete it and you will never see it.

If after one hour of paying for the plans using the download feature, you dont have the e-mail saying download instructions, PLEASE, DONT WAIT A WEEK, E-MAIL OR CALL ME.. The one hour wait is because some servers only picks up mail and forwards it to you at certain times

In over six years and thousands of tranactions, not one single person had not gotten a set of plan or ever will, IF THEY PAID FOR THEM. . Lu Lewis

The following is a guide what will happen when you order plans using the download option.. The yellow arrows will point out things the steps are talking about. These steps are accurate for anyone running any version of windows.

Step 1.
The first thing is to pick what plan you wish to order and hit the Download button.

Step 2.
After picking what plans you wish to download a shopping cart will come up on your screen. If you want to shop for more plans hit the "Continue shopping" button. If you wish to check out hit the "Checkout" Button.

Step 3.
After hitting checkout you will be taken to the PayPal checkout page. If you have a paypal account hit the "login now" button below where it says "Amount". If you do not have a paypal account you can sign up for a FREE account so you can securely pay with a credit card online. If you have any questions about PayPal please go to the PayPal Site here.

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